10 September to 11 September
The International Conference «Looking for Synergy: Integrating Transport, Urban Planning and the Use of Traffic Management Methods to Ensure Sustainable Mobility and Healthy Urban Environment».   DOWNLOAD SOFT
12 February to 20 February
The ATOM gallery will present the graphic exhibition of young Irkutsk artist Alexandra Yanchenko. Short sketches and drawings are the main core of the show. Most of them were made during travelling across such
01 February to 20 February
Topiс of this year  "Transport Interchange as city centers of activity".  About Winter UniversityThe International Baikal Winter University of Urban Planning Design is open to students of master level minimum a
22 September to 23 September
Background and aims The transport situation in Irkutsk, city with around 600.000 inhabitants, located in Eastern Siberia close to the lake Baikal, is in a bad condition. Increasing number of cars causes true tr
02 September to 10 October
Winter University - International Baikal Winter University of Urban Planning Design, was founded in 1999 by the administration of Irkutsk, with ISTU, and with the participation of institutes and public organiza
17 April to 19 April
01 September to 28 September
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