International Conference on Transport and Urban Planning «Urban mobility in Russian cities – perspectives for sustainable urban and transport planning in Irkutsk»

22 September to 23 September

Background and aims

The transport situation in Irkutsk, city with around 600.000 inhabitants, located in Eastern Siberia close to the lake Baikal, is in a bad condition. Increasing number of cars causes true traffic and problems of car parking in the city center. Immissions of noise and pollution have bad impact on quality of life in the central part of the city. The public transport system – with tramway, trolleybuses, buses and minibuses is far too ineffiecient and not comfortable and offers therefor no alternative to the private car. There is no approved conception for future urban mobility in Irkutsk.

Hence this development is a contradiction to the planning aims of the city which wants to remain as an economical and cultural centre of the region and therefor attractive for inhabitants and visitors. There is a strong need for multimodal and environmental friendly conceptions for urban mobilty in order to save and use ressources of energy, space and time in an effective, sustainable way.

Content of the conference will be the discussion how to improve the situation of short-distance mobilty in Irkutsk. How can strategies of public transport, pedestrian and bike traffic be developed and implemented? Are there best practices from other cities – in Russia and abroad – and how could they be adopted for the situation in the Siberian city? Which requirements do exist? 

The conference brings experts from Irkutsk, other Russian cities and from abroad on a „Round Table“. Different experiences from other cities should be discussed as well as the possibilites for adopting it to the Irkutsk situation. Is there a chance for generating and implementing a conception

for mobility and accessibility in Irkutsk in the near future?