International Baikal Winter University Of Urban Planning Design, the 16th session of the project from 1 to 19 February 2015

01 February to 20 February

Topiс of this year  "Transport Interchange as city centers of activity".

 About Winter University
The International Baikal Winter University of Urban Planning Design is open to students of master level minimum and to young professionals under 30. Fluency in English is required.

All nationalities and fields of work are welcome to participate in 16th session of Winter University devoted to "Transport Interchange as city centers of activity" as participants and assistants: architects, urban planning design, geographers, urban economics, landscape architects, transport engineering, ecology, urban sociology and etc.

This program is an original model of training young professionals of various specialties related to urban planning, and allows them to develop a higher level of conceptual thinking, communication, mastery of analytical and design approaches in an international multidisciplinary partnership working with dynamically developing town planning system of the city of Siberia.

Relevance of the topic
The subject of transport-interchange nodes becomes very daily and relevant. Residents of cities become more mobile because of urban environment development. Transport HUBs solve the problems of speed and comfort of travel both in cities and area. Modern HUB supposes maximum close to each other type of transport. Usually different transport types are united by one architectural building – U-bahn station, for example.The presence of accomplishment multifunctional space in a city define quality of urban life, improve status of the city and its attraction.

Dynamic development of cities involves increase transport service. This fact leads to high intensity and compactness transport flow in big cities. Because of street-road network congestion speed and regularity of freight and passenger delivery is reduced. Therefore a cost price is increased, as consequence transport service is increasing also. Also waste of inhabitants free time is increased, the life quality is reduced and a social tensity is appeared.

In spite of service-market and infrastructure in the cities become to  develop well on a periphery, the service quality keeps better on cities centers. Because of inhabitants from area have daily migration to cities centers the quality of transport service must become better.

The solving these problems have to lead to improvement of transport accessibility conditions, prevention of traffic jam formation and improvement of level of service in public transport.

Winter University Team

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