International Baikal Winter University of Urban Planning Design, the 16th session traditionally will be running in Irkutsk State Technical University from 1st till 19th of February 2015.

Improving of public transport services, which uses intermodal transport system, and as well increasing the level of comfort and safety of public transport in Irkutsk are the tasks which Irkutsk regional and municipal government are facing nowadays. The problems of the issue concerning planning and construction of modern hubs are on its initial stage: where it better to plan separate lanes, where to place hubs, whether there is an opportunity to build intercept parking lots.

Because of that the main goal of the 16th session of International Baikal Winter University of Urban Planning Design dedicated to “Transport transfer as city centers of activity” consist in finding solutions for planning intermodal transport nodes (transport hubs) for city public transport and development of the surroundings, which consequently will lead to improvement of quality of public services as well as urban environment itself.

 A hub is a nodal transport and public element of urban fabric where transfer among different kinds of urban passenger and interurban transport or among different routes of one kind of transport and also concurrent social infrastructure service for passengers are carried out.

Hub can contain parking lots, taxi-ranks, shops, restaurants, offices, apartments, urban and interurban bus terminals, railway stations and quays. Actually, modern hub is a hybrid of railway station and shopping mall. Hubs are located near main urban roads, bus stops, railway stations. Hubs are necessary for organized parking lots location to unload main urban roads and optimize vehicle traffic.

An intermodal node (hub) with optimal placement is the base of trans­port system effective work and complex system of the whole city in general. Therefore for enhancement of efficiency of passenger transport system we have to explore the problems of transport hubs location in Irkutsk and in the near­est areas.

Problems of this topic are obvious and the main factor of it is mainly the lack of development of by-pass roads needed for optimizing vehicle traffic;in Irkutsk region there are evident agglomeration processes that are daily labor pendulum migrations. Three main rivers Angara, Irkutsk and Ushakovka cross big districts of the city.

So, connection among residential neighborhoods is carried out with the help of bridges.

International and interdisciplinary team-work on that task should bring solutions for creating conditions for better transport accessibility, as well as traffic jam prevention and improvement of environment in general.

The opening ceremony will start on 1st of February which will be the first day for all participants from all over the world (about 10 countries) to get know each other for the first time and presenting their own homework projects on the subject of the main topic of the session. All presentations will be running in English so it is a good opportunity to communicate with native speakers as well as with participants with different language background as well.

Presentations of homework projects will start on 1st of February from 9:00 till 16:00 at Molchanov-Sibirsky Irkutsk Regional Library, 253 Lermontov St. Attendance list checking.

There is a unique opportunity for lecturers and students of the ISTU to attend free lectures on the subject of the main topic of the 16th session read by the special guest and expert Bychkov Sergey, 1st deputy director of the Institute of Urban Planning and Investment Development “Giprogor”. Opening lectures will start on 2 of February from 9:00 till 12:00 at ISTU Technical Park, 7 Igoshina St.

The official opening ceremony of the 16th sesson of International Baikal Winter University of Urban Planning Design will take place on 3rd of February at ISTU Conference Hall, 83 Lermontov St. Word of salutation will be taken by 1st pro-rector of ISTU Konovalov Nikolay; chairman of economic committee of Irkutsk Administration Almuhamedov Alexey; chairman of committee of Urban Planning Policy of Irkutsk Administration Evgeny Haritonov; chief architect of Irkutsk Region Buinov Alexey; chairman of The Union of Architects of Russia Kozak Igor. Also teams and assistants of the session will introduce themselves.

Deputy chief architect of Irkutsk is the pilot of the session, i.e. supervisor of the session Alexandrov Sergey, will present the topic of the session, its goals, tasks and prospective results. Assistants of the session are assistant of the pilot and master of Urban Planning Tatiana Kopylova; assistant of the pilot and architecture student of ISTU Evgeny Chuparin; postgraduate student of architecture of ISTU Valeria Kolgan.

Each international team of the session will step into three stages during the session which are concept, strategy, project, and at 19th of February presenting the results at the final presentation in front of the great jury consist of Russian and international experts.

Teams would be given three project sites to work on. Each of those has it’s unique features.

Spot 1. The hub based on air, water and motor trans­port of federal, regional and local significance. The spot is located in the eastern part of Irkutsk mainly in Oktyabrsky district. There is an existing international Irkutsk airport and waterfront structure on the bank of Irkutsk reservoir in Solnechny neighborhood.

Spot 2. The hub based on railway, water and motor transport of federal, regional and local significance. The spot is located in the western part of Irkutsk within the area of Sverdlovsky and Leninsky districts.

Spot 3. The hub based on water, motor and rail trans­port of regional and local significance. The spot is located on the right bank of Irkutsk in the central part of the city and Kuibyshevsky district.

The result of the first week of team working will be presented at the first presentation of concept solutions which will take place on 7 of February from 9:00 till 14:00 at ISTU Technical Park, 7 Igoshina St.

Such tense and hard working week is ahead for all participants of the 16th session. Irkutsk State Technical University participants are Nadezhda Naumova, Sofia Rabievskaya, Daria Chervinskaya, Nelly Skomarovskaya and Arina Moskovskaya. WU team members are coordinator Valeria Nuianzina, project manager Julia Nikiforova.

Everyone is welcome to attend all open events.

Telephone: +7 950 071 1789 , Nuianzina Valeria, project manager.

Brief reference about history of  International Baikal Winter University of Urban Planning Design

Winter University was founded in 1999 by the administration of Irkutsk, with ISTU, and with the participation of institutes and public organizations. Principle IBUUPD sessions based on the experience of the Les Ateliers – International Urban Planning Workshops of Cergy-Pontoise, France, which was created own original approach and strategy of the summer sessions, proven over 30 years in various countries around the world, which is to create a competitive programs and implementing them in the work of project team comprising of young professionals with different training from different countries and cultures.

 This program is an original model of training young professionals of various specialties related to urban planning, and allows them to develop a higher level of conceptual thinking, communication, mastery of analytical and design approaches in an international multi- disciplinary partnership working with dynamically developing town planning system of the city of Siberia.

For fifteen years in the design of innovative educational programs attended by more than 1,000 young professionals, assistants, experts, members of the International Jury, representatives of 50 universities, young professionals and experienced experts from over 30 countries of the world and number of Russian cities as well.