12 February to 20 February

The ATOM gallery will present the graphic exhibition of young Irkutsk artist Alexandra Yanchenko. Short sketches and drawings are the main core of the show. Most of them were made during travelling across such Russian cities as Saint-Petersburg or Krasnoyarsk. Also Alexandra will show amount of drawings which she made in Germany and Austria. 

All drawings are about the cities. In her works Alexandra tries to express the architecture rhymes, the people in the city and her own emotions as well. During the travelling, she brings her sketchbook everywhere and tries to draw as much as possible. So that many sketches were made at some places such as the bus stops, the cafes or the shopping centers, transports and so on. 

Alexandra’s project “The line of the City” will be presented at the exhibition as well. This project includes drawings of Baikalsk, the city in the Irkutsk Region. The project is the finalist of the competition of the young artists of Ural, Siberia and Far East which was provided by the Krasnoyarsk Book Culture Fair in 2014.

The exhibition “CITY SKETCHES” is organized as a part of XVI Session of the International Baikal Winter Urban University. 

Opening of the exhibition on February 12 (Thursday) 2015 at 18.00
The gallery address ATOM: Irkutsk, ISTU, st. Igoshina 1a, first floor hall
Phone: 8-908-668-00-65